If you are coming from the shopping cart, and are finished reviewing all shipping information, please click on the shopping cart at the top right corner to go back to your shopping cart.

Your chocolate order will be shipped  via US Post Office using their Priority Mail Service.   We want to ship your order in the least expensive way however because it IS chocolate and IS perishable, we ship with the carrier that helps us do  the best job in getting the order to you in perfect condition.   You will pay ONLY what it costs to do that.

Standard shipping time is normally one to three days once your completed order has left The Chocolate Vault.  If you need a specific time, feel free to give us a call at 800-525-1165 and we’ll do our best to pin it down for you.

The Shopping Cart will ask you for your zip code you are sending the chocolate to as you begin the ordering process.   If you do not fill out this information, The Chocolate Vault cannot figure your shipping charge automatically, so the charge will not show up on your order confirmation sheet.
However, the charge will be added to the total on your order.

Since we have over 16,000 molded chocolate choices, your order can have a unique combination of weights determined by the items you have chosen (with different weights and dimensions) and the shipping charges must be calculated on actual weight.

We also have to factor in the chocolate weight, the weight of the carton, packing materials and seasonal cold paks.  Therefore we need to pack your order after first checking the weather in your area to determine if cold paking is necessary.  We then weigh and measure the carton (some orders are charged by weight and some by dimension by the carrier) along with checking the zip code.  This, along with the insurance and delivery confirmation, determines the cost of shipping.

We believe you should only pay for the service you receive and we’ve designed our shipping policy with you in mind. We appreciate your trust and we hope you will continue to buy from The Chocolate Vault for many years.

If you require faster service, we use Post Office Express Mail Overnight. Just give us a call at 800-525-1165 and we can make arrangements to get it to you more quickly. Just keep in mind that expedited shipping does cost more.

Ordering Chocolate Vault chocolate is easy even though our shopping cart is not set up to take international orders. Just follow the easy instructions below. 

The Chocolate Vault ships chocolate all over the world, weather temperature permitting.  We use United States Post Office Express Mail International service and insulated cartons when necessary to get the chocolate to you in excellent condition.  Usually, this method takes 3-5 days to reach you.

If this is something you are considering and you live in the United States but want to ship internationally, you may call us at 800-525-1165 or email us at letting us know where you want to ship and what item/items you want to ship. The more information you give us the better we can quote you the cost to ship.

If you live abroad in another country, just email us letting us know what you wish to order as well as where you would like the chocolate shipped. We will reply by email with details.

Keep in mind that shipping internationally is based on the weight of the order as well as the destination.
If you prefer using your carrier, just give us a call at 800-525-1165 and we can arrange that also.

For the warmer summer months (May thru September or to very warm climates, anytime) (temperatures over 68-72 degrees “plus warm delivery truck”), we offer a special re-usable, insulated shipping cold pack for which we add $7.50 to the shipping charge.  The pack remains cold for two to three days while your chocolate is in transit.  It is your decision as to whether to add the cold pak. You will be asked to decide on our shopping cart order page.

If you are not sure as to whether the cold pak should be added, you will have the option of allowing us to make the decision for you based on weather conditions in the ship-to area.

We cannot be responsible for the condition of your chocolate order upon arrival, if weather conditions dictate that it should be cold paked but you do not choose the cold pak option or allow us to make the decision in your best interest.